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Name Description Age Detail
Small Image What Is This
Learn Vocabulary & Colors from Everyday Subjects M18
Small Image Drum That Up
Develop Senses with Music and Rhythm M19
Small Image Kitchen
Learn Categories and Vocabulary with Foods M20
Small Image Farm
Initiate Math Sense & Learn Sorting with Farm Objects M21
Small Image Piano
Develop Senses & Learn to Observe with Piano & Songs M22
Small Image Colors & Shapes
Learn Colors & Shapes in a Fun and Dramatic Way M23
Small Image Land & Sea
Learning Emotions, Grouping, Similarity/Difference with Animals M24
Small Image Number Fun L1
Develop Understanding of Numbers with Symbols and Quantity M25
Small Image VINCI Paint
Learn Colors and Create Art Work M26
Small Image Park
Learn to Talk in Sentences Using Verbs & Tenses M27
Small Image Magic Finger
Learn to Pause and to Reflect on Actions M28
Small Image Little Instruments
Develop Senses with Classic Music with the help of Hohoha Monkey M29
Small Image Towers L1
Develop Critical Thinking Through Solving Puzzles M30
Small Image VINCI Assess L1
Assess your child's developmental progress with VINCI Assessment ML1A

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